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Meet Lina and Triniti

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You may often hear us refer to ourselves as a full-service medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology center. That’s because after years of experience and hard work, we’ve realized the benefit in offering all three dermatology services at our Davie dermatology center, with the best skin care experts, of course.

One of these skin care experts, an aesthetician known to bring a magic touch and a hefty dose of beauty to all of her treatments, is Lina Lopez.

Lina, a licensed medical aesthetician and laser technician, joined our Precision Skin Institute team a little over two years ago. Aside from being incredibly friendly, kind, and having a great smile – Lina brings power to our cosmetic procedures. From facials, to laser hair removal, to chemical peels, dermaplaning, and everything in between – it’s as if there’s nothing this top aesthetician can’t do.

Putting her laser experience to good use is one of Lina’s preferred routes of perfecting the look of your skin. At Precision Skin Institute, we’re proud to be home to some of the best laser skincare treatments available. A favorite of ours, and Lina’s is the Triniti Plus, boasting total facial renewal in just three treatments. In a time when skin rejuvenation in Fort Lauderdale and just about every other part of South Florida is in high-demand, the Triniti Plus is becoming a favorite amongst skin-perfecting seekers everywhere.

According to Lina,

“Patients love our Triniti treatment because it helps with color correction, freckles, melasma, sun damage and even helps you with skin tightening, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Sounds like magic right? That’s because it kind of is.

So how does the Triniti Plus work?

First, energy is applied to the skin, correcting any discoloration.
Next, energy is applied to help contour the skin and smooth it out.
Then, energy is applied to the skin in a matrix to treat wrinkles and improve skin texture. The healthy skin in the surrounding areas accelerates the healing process.

Even better is the fact that results become obvious in as early as one week, and you won’t need much time to heal it all. In only one treatment, you’ll take care of three major components to improving how your skin looks and feels, and it’s all done at Precision Skin Institute – with minimal discomfort.

The Triniti Plus is powered by an energy-based platform that combines intense pulsed light, radio frequency, and infrared light energy in one, and it’s offering up a trifecta of skin-perfecting power. The Triniti Plus is revolutionary in the sense that it combines three treatments into one session, using it’s intense pulsed light, radio frequency, and infrared light energy in one,
that works to:

– Improve uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, spider veins, and brown spots.
– Contour your skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles for the appearance of smoother skin.
– Target wrinkles, fine lines, and other telltale signs of aging, including jowl and neck, brow lines, and nasolabial folds.

To book your Triniti Plus appointment with Lina or to have a consultation for any one of our other services, contact us today!

At Precision Skin Institute, health skin means a very healthy YOU!

Meet Lina

Rosacea Awareness Month

psi april rosecsea awareness month hero

April showers may bring may flowers, but it also a month that brings about awareness to a common skin disorder: Rosacea. Over the years, Precision Skin Institute, a full-service medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology center in Davie, has helped hundreds of clients to manage their rosacea symptoms.

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Fractional Co2 – Preparing The Canvas

Every masterpiece starts with the perfect canvas. A blank, clean, smooth layer on which to create – the perfect starting point for something as unique and wonderful as fine art.

At Precision Skin Institute, a full-service medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology center in Davie – we view your skin as that canvas.

And we do everything in our power to create a personal masterpiece all your own.

For two years, Precision Skin Institute has helped patients achieve their dreams of achieving healthier and more beautiful skin. From keeping your skin free of harmful skin cancers to offering the most advanced and cutting-edge lasers for skin rejuvenation in the industry – we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your skin.

So for that perfect blank canvas on which to work, we trust the gold standard in laser skin treatments: the fractional Co2 laser known as the CO2RE by Syneron-Candela. A treatment with the CO2RE laser is what your skin seeks if you’re looking for the best skin rejuvenation treatment in Fort Lauderdale – hands down.

CO2RE is the versatile fractional CO2 system that enables you to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle, and deep dermal levels. It works by utilizing energy from light to stimulate collagen production. This happens when the dermis layer of the skin is stimulated, and improves the tightness and overall look of your skin, by giving it a brighter and more youthful glow. It also helps undo all the damage from years of sun exposure, plus whatever effects the pollutants in our environment have on our skin.

If you’re looking for a blank slate – a canvas as clear and pure as the days when you couldn’t even force a wrinkle or age spot of you tried – consider this skin-perfecting laser Da Vinci’s paint brush.

Also considered a resurfacing laser peel, this fractional Co2 treatment is also known as an ablative treatment and is common for people aiming for dramatic, permanent changes in their skin. These permanent changes include treating acne scars and post-surgical scarring, textural changes from sun damage and deep wrinkles, all while stimulating skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

While there are many lasers on the market boasting similar effects and results, none of them are delivering these results as quickly, or with as little pain as the fractional laser treatments at Precision Skin Institute.

Fractional ablative treatments, an energy-based device that uses radio frequency to deliver its magic, produces thousands of tiny columns or micro-beams of energy creating areas of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue. This mimics the results obtained with the more aggressive carbon dioxide ablative procedures, but without the risks and prolonged healing time or potential scarring.  Fractional treatments help remove surface imperfections and significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In just 5-10 days, you can expect your skin to be a museum-worthy masterpiece. And with this masterpiece, you now have the perfect canvas for other treatments.

Just ask the doctors!

Following a fractional Co2 treatment, your skin will now be able to respond better and have better results for other treatments such as Botox and filler injections as well as other cosmetic procedures designed to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.”

To learn how you can get the perfect skin-canvas of your dreams, or to book your appointment for a consultation with one of our Precision Skin Experts, contact us today!

At Precision Skin Institute, healthy skin equals a very healthy you!

7 Simple Steps to Reverse Skin Summer Damage

7 Simple Steps to Reverse Skin Summer Damage featured

Remember how your skin looked in the spring time? Dewy, smooth and as radiant as the blossoming plants and flowers blooming all around?

Then came the summer.

Long, hot days full of beach visits, park outings, boat trips and pool fun meant a lot of time in the sun. But, the more fun we had outdoors, the more our skin suffered as a result. The ultraviolet and infrared radiation, as well as pollution, wind, sand, and other environmental influences, all bombarded our skin leaving behind their negative effects.


These environmental triggers cause not only change the look of our skin, they cause actual changes deep below the surface as well. These  cellular and genetic changes in our skin increase pigmentation (melasma, blemishes, sun spots) and break down our collagen/elastin, which are an important part of our framework and support structural molecules in our skin. Loss of these structures lead our skin to turn rough in texture, sallow, and wrinkly. With increase in summer humidity, our oil production increases which causes dilation of pores and more acne breakouts in prone individuals.

So, if you’re anything like us at Precision Skin Institute in Davie, and looked in the mirror at the end of summer longing for the look of your spring time skin, don’t worry, we’re here to help.  

Here are our top 7 skin boosting tips!

  1. Commit to a skin care brightening regimen that can lighten the dark spots, melasma, and blemishes on your skin. Our suggestions:
    • Elta MD Elements Sunscreen – A mineral sunscreen with broad-spectrum coverage that will protect your skin from more damage 
    • Lytera TNS Skin Medica Natural Skin Lightener – This lightens and brightens! 
    • Gentle Topix Exfoliating Cleanser- To gradually “scrub” away your blemishes and unclog the pores.
    • TNS Skin Medica Retinol- Vitamin A-derived exfoliant that will gradually remove the sun-damaged top layer of the skin.
  1. Shed that unattractive outer layer of skin like a snake with a series of our fruit acid- based chemical peels.
    • Our Vitalize peel or Advanced Corrective Peel at Precision Skin Institute are the perfect way to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Visit one of our medical aestheticians for advice on best peel that suits your skin type.
  1. If you are busy professional with no time to shed some skin:
    1. No worries, IPL requires minimum downtime! Consider photofacials  to improve broken capillaries, rosacea, brown spots, blemishes, acne and texture. It’s a lunchtime procedure that will even out your skin tone in no time. The recovery is usually 5-7 days but easily coverable by make-up – so you won’t have to skip a beat as your skin recovers.
  1. If you are worried about discomfort or discolorations because of darker skin type, try our red carpet Pico-facial laser treatment as a way to improve melasma, brown spots pores size and skin texture all at once, and super fast. See a boost in your skin’s glow within 3-5 days – just in time for the fall festivities.
  1. The crème de la crème of skin texture and elasticity improvement? Take advantage of our Triniti Ematrix Treatment,  a combination or IPL, sublative resufracing, and Sublime tightening of your skin. The treatment takes about 1 hour, and recovery takes about 5-7 days, and it is SO worth it! You will notice supple, smoother and more radiant skin right after your first treatment, and discover a whole new you by the end of the week.
  1. For all those who did too much squinting in the sun this summer and are now noticing those pesky lines around the eyes, it’s time to soften those crow’s feet with our amazing Botox or Dysport treatments. 
  1. If a little too much partying in the summertime brought about dark hollow circles under your eyes or more deeper parenthesis around smile lines, then natural-looking fillers such as Juvederm, Volbella, and Restylane Refine are the simple ways to correct these issues.

Visit us today for a consultation on how best to refresh your skin! 

At Precision Skin Institute, healthy skin means a very healthy YOU!

The Best Lip Fillers in Fort Lauderdale – Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

psi lips blog featured

Your lips are the keeper of your smile and the doors to many secrets, but over time, they lose their youthful, plump, appearance and could use the best lip fillers at Precision Skin Institute to perk them up again.

And, as luck would have it, in a recent article by the Huffington Post, it was reported that when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, bigger lips are better, a University of Louisville psychologist conveyed.

But unfortunately, one major fact about your lips is that they get thinner, and lose their shape, as you age.

Lips get their shape in part from collagen. But as the body ages, the body produces less of this critical protein, and the lips start to lose their plumpness, dermatologist Dr. D’Anne Kleinsmith told Real Simple Magazine. Another factor, she said, is ultraviolet light from sunlight. “One way to help preserve the fullness of your lips is to protect them from the sun by wearing a lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen.”

And this Valentine’s Day, Precision Skin Institute is giving you the tools to turn the clock back on your lips, and restore that sexy, plump appearance that so many women desire.

So how you can you achieve those perfect puckers, refreshed and ready for this year’s Valentine’s Day kiss?

With Volbella and Restylane Silk, of course! Both of these lip fillers are safe, effective ways to give your lips the appearance of looking younger, softer, and of course, more kissable!

Here’s what you need to know about these two options for bringing the beauty back to your lips:

Juvederm Volbella
Otherwise known as Volbella, this Allergan lip filler is an injectable gel designed to add subtle volume to your lips and soften the appearance of those telltale signs of aging – vertical lip lines. It also works wonders for lip hydration, like an internal lip gloss that keeps reapplying itself to make sure you shine ALL the time.

Volbella is FDA-approved to last for up to an entire year, and statistically speaking, this treatment is a winner. Eighty percent of people treated with Volbella experienced improved satisfaction with their lips one year later, and 75% of people experienced desired results with their vertical lip lines one year later. Results are immediate, meaning you’re on the fast track to great lips!

Restylane Silk
Restylane Silk by Galderma is another amazing option for those looking to improve their smile. It also happens to be the first FDA-approved product designed for lip enhancement. Just like Volbella, this product targets those vertical lines and brings back the plump, smoothness to your lips that you had before age showed its cards.

The best part is that 98% of patients experienced smoother, fuller lips in under 14 days, with 60% of patients reporting that their lips stayed kissable for up to six months! While this treatment may cause slightly more swelling in the first few days post-treatment than Volbella, it’s still a winner in our eyes!

Will these procedures hurt*? Not more than a pinch, especially when you’re at the hands of two of the best dermatologists in Fort Lauderdale. Many of the patients who visit Precision Skin Care consider lip filler injections to be rather painless, due to the special numbing techniques involved, and the slow, gentle touch of both Dr. Blyumin-Karasik and Dr. Clark-Loeser.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’re proud to offer this amazing deal to our Precision Skin Institute clients:


We hope to see you soon for all of your skincare needs, because at Precision Skin Institute in Davie, a healthy skin means a healthy YOU!

* Common side effects for both of these injectables include mild swelling, redness, or tenderness. As with any procedure, make an appointment for a consultation before deciding with treatement is right for you.

Skin Saving Tips | Skin Care Routines

preciosn skin institute skin tips routines featured

Your skin is a mirror for your soul. It is a barometer for your feelings, gives evidence to your deepest emotions, and very often tells a story before you’ve had the opportunity open your mouth.

And at Precision Skin Institute in Davie, Florida, we make it our business to ensure that your skin tells the most beautiful story possible.

While we’re here for all of your cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology needs, it is important for us that we take the time to educate our patients on best skin practices to apply outside of our office as well. Taking good care of your skin and developing a skincare routine that works doesn’t always happen overnight, but like everything else, works best with consistency and dedication.

A good skin care routine is not only a practice that can keep you looking your best, but one that can potentially save your life from skin cancers such as melanoma. Just as essential as brushing your teeth, drinking enough water, and getting adequate sleep, a healthy skin care routine, or lack thereof, can take it’s toll very quickly.

To ensure your skin is getting the love it deserves, looks it’s best, and stays healthy for years to come, Precision Skin Institute is sharing their top tips for developing a skin care routine that lasts. And take it from two of the leading dermatologists in South Florida‐ if you build it, great skin will come!

Here are our five guaranteed ways to keep your skin healthy, while keeping yourself beautiful in the interim:

5. Know your skin type
Take a look at any skin care product and you’ll find labels that dictate which type of skin to use it with. Dry skin, oily skin, or combination – it’s important to know which category you fall into to ensure you choose the best skin care products for your skin type. Need help determining which category you fall in to? Visit our South Florida dermatology center to learn more from one of our skin experts!

4. Moisturize
This word may automatically remind you of your mother, who likely begged you to get into this habit way before your skin showed any signs of aging at all. Moisturizing is like going to the gym ‐ the more you do it, the more it works. Moisturizers help your skin from drying out, and assist in keeping your skin looking soft, supple, and young. The best time to apply moisturizer? Fresh out of the shower or just after washing, when skin is still damp and pores are still open to help seal the deal.

3. Sunscreen
This seems to be a no‐brainer, but we’re constantly amazed at how many people are unclear as to the proper procedures for using sunscreen. The sun can damage your skin in only 15 minutes. Even though you’re young, you can get skin cancer. Look for sunscreen that works against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of at least 30. Bonus tip: Sunscreen is essential even on the coldest, cloudiest, or rainiest of days – the sun can always find you, even when you can’t seem to find it.

2. Water
Hydration, hydration, hydration. Just think of your skin as the really porous, really absorbable sponge that it is – and now think of that sponge in your kitchen sink that has dried out. We can always tell which clients are drinking enough water and which aren’t, within just a few seconds of looking at their face. A well‐hydrated person will have skin that appears more supple and full, while a dehydrated person will show signs of aging and dryness more quickly. To ensure you’re getting enough water on a daily basis – do the math. “In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.

1. Schedule annual visits with your Dermatologist
The number one tip with good reason. Your annual visit to the dermatologist is just as crucial as a yearly physical with your primary care physician and your teeth cleaning at the dentist. Your skin is ever‐changing, and may quickly develop an area of trouble that can only be detected by a dermatologist. A typical skin check takes all of ten minutes – a mere blip on the calendar when it comes to potentially saving your life from harmful skin cancers.

For more skin‐saving tips or to have a professional South Florida dermatologist take care of your skin, visit us today!

Healthy skin means healthy you at Precision Skin Institute.

Why Buying Skin Care Products From Your Dermatologist Is The Best Choice

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C hoosing an ideal skin product is challenging. At a dermatologist office you will obtain guidance on selecting and using the ideal skin products for you. It demands an intricate and PRECISE equation that leads to the most satisfying results.

Many factors influence our skin product selection. Subjective factors include artistic presentation on the bottle, fragrance, texture, consistency, formulation and social perception. Often times patients may not comply with the skin regiment because it is simply too time consuming and/or complicated. Other skin care factors are more objective, such as selecting a product to match a skin type or condition.

Often my patients complain that the cosmeceutical industry is very confusing because there are so many skin products that are sold and so many marketing massages that are misleading. Many patients purchase skin products in department stores, pharmacies, or spas with minimal knowledge about the products or their appropriate use, which leads to poor outcomes – unhappy skin, unhappy individuals.

This brings us to the answer why someone would go to a dermatologist to find the best skin care products?

The answer is multi-faceted. A dermatologist will take the time to listen and will PRECISELY educate you on what products would best suit your skin. It is a personalized team approach. A dermatologist has the training, skill, and experience to help you to make this choice. During a skin care consultation, a dermatologist will ask you specific questions leading to a recommendation that is best for you. This is a skin care regiment that takes into account your skin type, your skin care goal, a skin condition you would like to treat, or what you may have liked or disliked about previous or currently used skin care products.

Also, many of the products that dermatologists offer in their offices have PRECISE scientific evidence to back-up the efficacy. So if the product claims to improve wrinkles or dark spots, it actually did show in human clinical studies to do so. Therefore, these products provide consumer confidence and devotion through significant results.

Many of my patients ask why they would purchase products in my office versus online or other stores after we made skin care regimen selection. My answer is simple, buyer beware. I do understand the convenience and low cost factors that drive consumers to shop at discount online outlets. Although skin care discount websites and stores that may carry the products that appear the same or have similar ingredients, these products, are not PRECISELY the same. Many of these skin products are counterfeit or expired. Counterfeit products will have unknown and potentially harmful ingredients and expired products may have degraded and hazardous agents – both of which can lead to unintended side effects and inadequate results. I had several patients who presented with irritant skin reactions to creams purchased online and after reviewing them, they had a “fake label” = counterfeit or “expired”. So beware when purchasing products online!

– Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, M.D.