The other day I walked by an art piece in our office titled, “Face Your Fears,” and it caught my eye. We decided to display this piece at Precision Skin Institute because so many of us seem to mention the word FEAR.

All of us know that FEAR is a powerful emotion and that it takes strength and courage to overcome it; yet so many of us are still paralyzed by unrealistic and over-inflated FEAR.

A month ago I had a patient hug and thank me. He just realize that “I saved his life” a year after I diagnosed and removed his melanoma. These are the moments your live for as physician. However, the true hero in his story was his wife. She is the one who helped him get over his FEAR of a skin check. He was embarrassed to be examined and was afraid of exam findings and procedures it could lead to. He faced his fear and saw me for a changing mole, which turned out to be a melanoma. Thankfully, his melanoma was superficial and curable with surgery.

Few days ago a teenager gave me a “high five” after I got rid of her warts. She was depressed for months because they were spreading rapidly on her legs and she was initially too afraid of the treatment pain to address them. Once she overcame her FEAR and treated her warts with my help, she was excited to wear shorts this summer.

Many of our cosmetic patients initially express their fears of potential procedural pain, difficult recovery process, possible complications, as well as poor and “over-done” results. However, after a comprehensive consultation, various numbing and calming techniques, and natural-looking and beautiful outcomes, many of our patients defeat their fears and undergo successful cosmetic procedures with us at PSI.

We believe that knowledge and support are key factors to battling any FEARs. At Precision Skin Institute we promise to help you to face your FEARs regardless of your skin needs. We will take our time, listen, educate, and with a gentle touch help you achieve a best version of your-self.

Healthy skin ~ Healthy you!