There’s something about the word ‘Triniti’ that brings up feelings of beauty. It has strength. It moves you a little bit, because in the word ‘Triniti’ comes the combination of three powerful components that have been married in a careful and precise way.

This is exactly why Precision Skin Institute, one of the best full-service dermatology centers in South Florida, is proud to debut their latest in advanced laser technology with the arrival of the Triniti Plus.

The Triniti Plus is a new laser device with an energy-based platform that combines intense pulsed light, radio frequency and infrared light, and it’s offering up a trifecta of skin-perfecting power. The Triniti Plus is revolutionary in the sense that it combines three treatments into one session, using the intense pulsed light that works to:

  • Improve uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, spider veins, and brown spots.
  • Contour your skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles for the appearance of smoother skin.
  • Target wrinkles, fine lines, and other telltale signs of aging, including jowl and neck, brow lines, and nasolabial folds.

This is one of our latest and greatest pieces of technology to make its way into our state-of-the-art cosmetic, surgical, and dermatology center and we’re so excited to see how quickly it becomes a hit with all our patients.

Because not only is it powerful, it’s effective in a really short amount of time. How exactly does the Triniti Plus work to pack this triple punch of skin magic?

With energy. Great energy. And with great energy comes great results.

Here is a little more information on the science behind how the Triniti Plus energy-based laser works:

  • First, energy is applied to the skin, correcting any discoloration.
  • Next, energy is applied to help contour the skin and smooth it out.
  • Then, energy is applied to the skin in a matrix to treat wrinkles and improve skin texture. The healthy skin in the surrounding areas accelerates the healing process.

It’s that simple. Triniti Plus is your total facial renewal in three simple steps.

Even better is the fact that results become obvious in as early as one week, and you won’t need much time to heal it all. In only one treatment, you’ll take care of three major components to improving how your skin looks and feels, and it’s all done at Precision Skin Institute – with minimal pain.

“You can’t beat turning three separate skin-correcting treatments into one powerful energy-based laser session that is completely safe and effective,” says Precision Skin Institute owners and dermatologists Dr. Lesley Clark-Loeser and Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik.

Learn more about this revolutionary new energy-based laser treatment at our upcoming laser event on January 26th, we unveil and celebrate the Triniti Plus, along with our other brand-new, cutting-edge laser technology. To take advantage of the Triniti Plus movement, or to book any other of our laser treatments provided by one of our expert laser technicians, visit us on the web, today!

It’s a new year, and we believe you deserve to look and feel your best. Precision Skin Institute in Davie, Florida is your secret weapon for skin health and beauty – because a healthy skin means a healthy YOU!