As we near the end of our unusually warm south Florida winter, we can only begin to imagine what our spring and summer will bring at our South Florida dermatology center, Precision Skin Institute.

That’s why, we’re here to help you get ready for that heat index now, by preparing your skin for those hot sultry months that are right around the corner.

It may only be March, but there’s no denying that our Florida winter is quickly coming to an end. The change in temperature lately means more heat, and a lot more humidity. Believe it or not, this does affect your skin – but not to worry, we’ve got some of the best skin-saving tips to keep you covered.

Here are Precision Skin Institute’s top five ways to care for your skin and protect it from Florida’s relenting heat.

1. Sunscreen
Everyone knows sunscreen is essential, but we have to continue to remind ourselves that reapplying is just as important. Throughout the day, you sweat off, wipe away or absorb the sunscreen you applied in the morning. Start with a teaspoon amount as part of your morning routine and reapply every 2-3 hours. That may sound like a lot, but just remember, not all sunscreens are made the same. If your face is oily or sensitive, look for a lotion that works with your skin. Staying inside during the mid-afternoon when the sun is strongest is also helpful.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating has many advantages. It removes dead skin that can dull your complexion and cleans out your pores. The best time to exfoliate is in the morning before you apply anything else. Plus, we promise your makeup will stay on longer! Once you exfoliate, make sure to follow up your beauty routine with a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen.

3. Hydrate
In the summer’s heat, it’s extra important to keep your body hydrated. But increasing your intake of water all year long will have numerous benefits to not just your face but also your entire body. If you’re on the go, travel with a revitalizing toner spritz to help you keep your face looking refreshed all day long.

4. Forget the Tan
It may be trendy and fun to bask under the sun for hours at the beach or by the pool, but the damage to your skin isn’t worth it. UV light can cause brown spots, wrinkles and not to mention, cancer. There are plenty of fun things to do during the summer so don’t feel disappointed. Instead, think of how great your skin will look and feel. Trust us, healthy skin is better than ANY tan there is.

5. Accessorize
Want a great reason to buy accessories? Your skin needs them. When going outside, make sure to wear a wide-brim hat. The scalp, ears and lips have extra sensitive skin that needs to be protected. Pair your hat with oversized sunglasses that protect your eyes from sun damage. Make sure they have at least UV 400 protection.

All these tips are necessary to keep your skin healthy throughout the summer months and all year long. In the event that you’re experiencing some sun damage already, Precision Skin Institute is here to help. We have a full range of dermatological services to fit your specific needs.

At Precision Skin Institute, healthy skin means a healthy you. Contact us today!