The human body is capable of amazing things. When it comes to our skin, however, we often need to give it a little boost to help it regenerate in the ways it did when we were younger.

Quite often, clients ask us what they can use to achieve their goal of having younger looking skin without surgery. Since we love nothing more than to offer the best dermatology treatments in South Florida – we are proud to announce we have yet another secret in our skin-saving toolbox:

Growth Factors

The best way to understand how growth factors help your skin? Well, being that they are chock-full of proteins, they help boost cellular growth the same way consuming protein would help boost muscular growth in the body.

Growth factors play an important part in maintaining healthy skin structure and function.

At Precision Skin Institute in Davie, Florida, a full-service medical, surgical, and dermatology center just outside of Fort Lauderdale, we love educating our clients on the benefits of growth factors and how they actually work. Growth factors work by stimulating biochemical pathways that promote skin tissue repair and regeneration and by promoting the formation of collagen and elastic fibers which give the skin its softness and suppleness.

Are you sold yet on it’s benefits? Good, now let’s get to the important stuff – putting these incredible growth factors into your hands for the greater good of your skin.

Growth factors can be found in a number of topical skincare products. In fact, results from multiple controlled clinical studies have shown that the application of skin creams containing growth factors also:

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as a result of new collagen synthesis
• Improves the appearance of age spots and evens out pigmentation
• Reduces skin roughness

Our top picks for best skincare products with growth factors?

SkinMedica – TNS Essential Serum

Biopelle Growth Factor – Featuring SCA Biorepair Technology

And for an incredible product that uses stem cell activators to give you that youthful, fresh glow, you must try:

Biopelle Stem Cell – with CellPro Technology

Speaking of Biopelle, we’re proud to feature brand new Biopelle products, containing stem cell activators and stimulators. These skin-regenerating ingredients work in tandem with growth factors to give your skin an added boost of freshness.

Visit us today to learn more about products with growth factors and stem cell activators, and to purchase any of these products. They are guaranteed to bring a restored and rejuvenated look to your skin – today!

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