Some say age is just a number, but at Precision Skin Institute, we understand that the younger your skin looks, the better you feel. The best way to keep skin looking the same as at did when it was soft, supple, and required little maintenance at all?

By maintaining a dedicated skin care routine that works for your age and skin type.

Taking the best care of your skin is not a one-size-fits-all approach. As you age, you’re your health and stress levels change, and your hormones fluctuate, so do the needs of your skin. Whether you’re in your early 20s and just starting to figure out your routine or in your 50s and want to switch it up – we’re here for you to help find the best skincare routine for your age!

20s & 30s – DEFINE

Your 20s and 30s are where you need to start defining what skin treatment regimen works for you. Prevention is key at this age. Your skin will have pigment changes and, believe it or not, fine lines can start appearing during this time of your life.


Chemical peels – by removing the damaged layers of your outer skin, a peel can help with uneven pigment and acne. Let’s face it, at this age you sometimes still get those pesky red and annoying pimples and blemishes.

Neurotoxins – as we mentioned, this decade is all about prevention and products like Botox or Dysport can do just that for your skin. These are more important for upper part of the face for those very expressive frown and surprise line as well as early crow’s feet.

Fillers – if you are already seeing wrinkles, then products like Restyalne and Juvederm are here to help keep your skin looking smooth. If genetics is not your friend and you start noticing under eye hollows and parenthesis-type smile lines early – these natural-looking fillers can save the day!

Laser Hair RemovalNow is the time in many women’s lives where they realize how great a hair-free face and body would be. Without having to shave and wax for every occasion, getting ready becomes a whole lot easier!


These three products will help you with preventing sun damage (dark spots, fine lines) plus they will keep your skin healthy and bright:

Sunscreen – Elta MD is our favorite!

Antioxidants – SkinCeuticals CE Ferrulic Acid serum

Brightening or lightening agents –  Lytera

30s & 40s – REFINE

You’ve had fun playing around with products, but now during this decade it’s time to refine your routine and settle on something that works for your specific skin type.

Your skin will start loosing volume and you may experience more pigment change. And if you didn’t get any fine lines in your younger years, this is when they will start appearing.


Chemical peels can still be effective, but there are other more effective procedures that you may want to try at this point to help with improvement in tone, texture, and tightening of the skin

Sublative – using radio frequencies wrinkles, scares and large pores can be treated to create better texture for your skin by activating collagen to regenerate.

Picoway – used for tattoo removal, this laser can also work wonders on reducing signs of aging and sun damage.


Keep applying your sunscreen every day! Retinols such as Skin Better and TNS Retinols will refine skin color, pores and fine lines at this stage your life.

40s & above – RESTORE

As you age, your skin will continue to lose more volume, deeper lines will appear and advanced sun damage can be more apparent. But don’t fret – this is where Precision Skin Institute shines with all of our most advanced procedures and products that are designed to restore a youthful glow and feel to your skin.


Fillers – products like Sculptra, Restyalne and Juvederm can bring fullness back into your face while smoothing out wrinkles with natural-looking results.

Laser hair removal – if you have ever thought of it, the time to do it is before your hair turns white. Once the hair loses its pigment, this procedure won’t be effective.

Fractional CO2 – this is the best procedure if you want to see the most results in one treatment – but keep in mind your skin will need several days to heal. Skin layers are removed, which can improve sun damage, crow’s feet and lip lines.


Sunscreen, antioxidants, brightening agents, and retinols are still necessary during this age. Something else worth adding to your routine now are stem-cell-cream growth factors and stem cell stimulators to restore collagen and elastin to help with tightness and elasticity of the skin

Regardless of your age, Precision Skin Institute, a full service medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology center in the Fort Lauderdale area, is here to help you achieve your personal skin goals. Together, we will make your skin healthier, smoother and as radiant as it should be.

At Precision Skin Institute, healthy skin means a very healthy YOU!