We offer treatments for both men and women suffering from incontinence and wanting to enhance their sexual health.

COR2E® Intima

Loss of vaginal tone can be a side effect of natural childbirth and aging. Over time, the vaginal wall, which contains collagen fibers, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity. Unwanted personal stress can be caused by leaking urine when sneezing or coughing due to loose vaginal tone. Women may experience unwanted pigmentary changes in the vulvar area. Painful intercourse, itching, or burning in the genital area can occur as we age. Reduced estrogen levels can lead to loss of vaginal lubrication.

With COR2E Intimia, we are able to treat these symptoms without medication or surgery and women are able to regain their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical, proven treatment.

The treatment itself is painless. Some patients report mild discomfort with the laser handpiece tip insertion during the first procedure due to dryness.
Safe, quick, and easy in-office procedure, nonsurgical, mild to no discomfort.

81% reported an improvement in sexual gratification, 94% reported an improvement in vaginal rejuvenation, 100% reported satisfaction with treatment and 94% would recommend it.

  • Ablation and resurfacing soft tissue
  • Scar tissue (C-section scar)
  • Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation
  • Improve the appearance of external genitalia
  • Increased lubrication
  • Tighter vaginal canal
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Genital burning


EMSELLA is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence. This unique technology revolutionizes women’s intimate health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option. EMSELLA utilizes electromagnetic energy to deliver thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single session. These contractions re-educate the muscles of incontinent patients.

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