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Summer has arrived, and Precision Skin Institute in Florida wants to help you get beach-ready and body-confident!

We offer several treatments and at-home products geared towards eliminating scars, tightening loose skin or reducing sun aging – but today we want to introduce an incredible new treatment for some of your more hard-to-treat skin issues:

Sublative Ematrix is a treatment that stimulates collagen by applying radiofrequencies to the upper layers of the skin – a miracle treatment for those looking for a way to treat stretch marks.

Stretch marks can occur as a result of gaining and/or losing weight too quickly, and more commonly with pregnancy. Stretch marks have been found to be a result of skin stretching and an increase of cortisone in your system. Cortisone is a hormone naturally produced by your adrenal glands. However, having too much of this hormone can make your skin lose its elasticity.

And besides helping to eliminate stretch marks, the Sublative Ematrix offers so many more benefits: 

  1. The procedure treats wrinkles, fine lines and large pores.
  2. The treatment also works to tighten loose skin, and will improve your skin’s overall texture as well.
  3. Bonus: the treatment works for all skin types – from oily to dry to sensitive – and all skin tones – from light to dark. 

There are several great reasons this treatment has become so popular – mainly because the recovery time is so fast. Most of the procedure is done under the skin instead of having to remove more surface skin or damaging the top level of skin.

The way the applicator was designed and the way the treatment works allows us to change the power or depth of the treatment to avoid delicate areas, which also promotes faster healing.  The procedure consists of only about 3-5 treatments, performed several months apart, with each session lasting only about 10-20 minutes depending on the treated area.

Another advantage is that the treatment stimulates your own collagen so there is no need to rely on temporary substance filler. On average results appear over a period of three to six months.

Contact us today and let’s see if Sublative Ematrix is right for you. Together, let’s get your skin ready for the summer.

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