We’ll be the first to admit it. We spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of great skin care, plastic surgery, and other dermatological treatments for women – more than we do for anyone else.

But in the interest in keeping things fair and balanced, we have to call attention to the fact that today, more than ever, men are also investing in their skin – and Precision Skin Institute is helping them do so!

In today’s society, it is not uncommon that you find people striving to look their best and committing to certain dermatological procedures or cosmetic surgery to help them achieve a desired look. We are a world that places on value on the aesthetic, whether anyone likes it or not, and the same standards of achieving a youthful and attractive look apply to men as well. Appearances, in most situations, say a whole lot, again, whether anyone likes it or not – and it’s quite alright in our opinion, to take pride in taking care of how you look!

In our practice, we have seen a growing number of men who visit our full service medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology center looking for a way to reverse the aging process, awaken tired skin, or opt for a cosmetic procedure to freshen things up a bit.

Now, simply because men and women approach our South Florida dermatology center with two different mindsets, does not mean that either party won’t leave without feeling confident about the choices they’re making to care for their skin. And by different mindsets, we mean that many women enter a consultation ready and excited for a skin treatment or procedure, while men enter with a little more hesitation.

The truth though?

We believe each client deserves the individualized attention necessary to put them at ease with their decision to undergo a cosmetic or surgical procedure of any kind – man or woman.

“We’ve found we spend a significantly longer amount of time educating our male clients during the initial consultation,” says Precision Skin Institute dermatologists, Dr. Blyumin and Dr. Clark- Loeser

“Because this is still a bit of an ‘out of the ordinary’ topic for men to discuss among their friends, they typically visit us with slightly less knowledge about our processes, and of course, have a lot of questions and misconceptions. Additionally, men do want a simpler, straightforward skin care routine, and if it involves too many steps, they likely won’t comply. Being that men tend to have less desire to advertise the fact that they have undergone dermatological procedures of any kind, whether it’s an injectable filler or a chemical peel, they will often benefit from some encouragement before their appointments.”

At the end of the day, both men and women want to look good and feel great about themselves. A healthy skin care regimen is beneficial to anyone at any age. The fillers we offer, whether it’s Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, or Volbella are helpful to anyone looking for a little skin-pick-me-up. And our services? From facials, to chemical peels, to acne treatments and more – anyone can benefit- men and women alike.

Precision Skin Institute, where healthy skin means a healthy you.